4-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat

ID : 1013783

Size: Universal
Colour: Black
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Universal wireless charging mat that wirelessly charges up to four devices and an additional USB device.

A True Multi-Device Charging Solution

Simplify charging, no matter your device, with mophie’s true multi-device charger. The 4-in-1 wireless charging mat lets you charge all your Qi-enabled devices in one central location. There’s no need hassle with a cable for every device when charging is in one, convenient location. Plus, intuitive markings and multiple charging coils take the guess work out of charging. No device is left behind. The 4-in-1 wireless charging mat even includes an extra USB-A port to charge another device like an Apple Watch. An Apple Watch adapter is already included so all you need is the magnetic charger.

  • Wirelessly Charge up to 4 Devices - Charge up to 4 Qi enabled devices at up to 10W each.

  • Intuitive Design - Easy-align valleys and multiple charging coils makes finding the charging “sweet spot” easy.

  • Universal Wireless Charging - The wireless charging mat is compatible with any Qi-enabled device, regardless of brand or ecosystem.

  • Additional USB-A Port - Charge an additional device with the USB-A port located on the back of the mat.

  • Eliminate Cable Clutter - With a centralised space to charge all your main devices, there’s no need to hassle with charging cables.

  • Apple Watch Adapter - An included Apple Watch adapter lets you charge your Apple Watch with the mat too! All you need is the magnetic charger.

  • Charges Through Lightweight Cases - The wireless mat can charge through cases up to 3mm thick.

  • Stylish Fabric Finish - More than just practical, the 4-in-1 wireless charging mat is designed to look good too! The fabric finish adds a touch of style to any home and it's easy to clean.

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