The Most Common iPad Cases and Their Great Features

The iPad, a tablet developed by technology giant Apple, is an innovative device that quickly became a favourite among users across the globe. If you own one, you have probably stumbled upon this article in search of the best case for your precious gadget. Don’t worry; we have got you (and your iPad) covered!

Although some people appreciate the feeling of raw metal and choose to leave their tablets uncovered, we still recommend getting a case for your iPad for added protection from scratches and bumps. You don’t want to spend tons of money on frequent repairs, after all. 

When choosing an iPad case, it is important to learn about each type's many features and benefits to determine what best fits your needs and lifestyle.  

Gel Cases

Made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), these cases possess elastic properties and are softer and more flexible than hard plastics. Gel cases are perfect for people who want to protect their iPads in style, and they are the best choice for those who want to skip bulky cases that look a lot less stylish. They also come in a wide range of printed designs and patterns.

If you tend to place your iPad on random surfaces, this type of case may be ideal for you because it is less slippery than typical hard cases.

Leather Cases

This type of case is favoured by people who want total cover for their gadgets. Leather cases protect the front and back of an iPad and come with a few additional features, including a typing stand and a viewing stand.  

Because of the leather material, this case type can be printed or embossed with names and logos for personalization. You can also choose between genuine and faux leather or a combination of both.  

Executive Cases 

Executive iPad cases are much like leather cases in terms of their material and functions. However, they can come with hand straps or cardholders, which are perfect for corporate purposes. Executive cases are fit for you if you regularly use your tablet to present reports or meet with clients who may need your business card.  

Hard Cases 

Hard cases, like flexible gel cases, protect the sides and the back of your iPad. Made from polycarbonate or plastic, they can effectively protect against daily bumps and scratches. They can also be matte, clear, or gloss finished.  

We suggest picking this case type if you want protection for your tablet but do not want something that’d make your iPad take too much space inside your bag.  

Tough Cases 

Tough cases are ideal for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and engage in various sports and other physical activities. These cases are extra durable shells that can protect your tablet from high drops, so it is important to look for a tough iPad case that leaves no space vulnerable. This ensures that the gadget will not suffer any dent when dropped.    


Your iPad is a great companion to help you complete work tasks and enjoy your free time. Therefore you should not think twice about investing in top-quality products that offer added protection to your gadget. We hope that with the guide above, you can better pick which case type suits your lifestyle the most.

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