Choosing the Best Case For Your Smartphone Or Tablet

Unfortunate incidents can happen to your phone or tablet at any time. If you plan to maximise the life of your device and keep it looking like new for as long as possible, you're in the right place.

With iPad cases, iPhone 11 cases, and other protective cases for your phones or tablets, you can prevent accidents, nicks, and scratches. You'll have a better grip on your phone and not worry about it slipping from your fingers, which is a common cause of damage. You'll use your phone or tablet longer and spend less on replacement costs.

This guide will help you choose a case that fits with your phone and lifestyle.

A Rugged Case

An excellent option to consider is rugged cases, but keep in mind that they will be big and hefty. The addition of air pockets and reinforced corners significantly decreases the danger of harm to your device, but it does add heft. They should also be simple to hold, even with moist hands, but you may find that this makes sliding them in and out of your pocket more difficult. You may need to purchase a belt clip or holster to fit the larger build.

A Tough Case

If you want a case that will undoubtedly survive a drop but won't add too much bulk or fully sacrifice style, one of the many tough cases now on the market is a good choice. A standard shock-absorbing combination is a layer of strong polycarbonate with an inside layer of something softer, such as silicone. These cases will add some bulk and weight, but they come in various styles and shouldn't prevent you from using your phone to its full potential. You can also expect more grip to lessen the likelihood of dropping it in the first place.

A Slim Case

If you prefer style above protection, you can go with a slim case. For instance, iPhone 11 cases will protect your iPhone from scratches in the places it covers, and it will almost certainly increase the chances of it surviving a fall. These one-piece cases are usually composed of TPU, a sturdy and slightly pliable material that makes them easy to fit and provides shock protection. This category has the widest selection of styles and colours, but verify the cut-outs and keep in mind that a lack of protection at the corners or a front lip indicates a lack of fall protection.

A Folio Case

Flip-open folio or wallet cases can be both fashionable and practical. An iPhone wallet case, for example, is a great alternative to regular iPhone cases because it provides all-around protection. However, when it comes to Drop Guard, they differ because some have a shell-like casing inside while others have almost little coverage on the sides or corners. 

Polyurethane, sometimes called vegan leather, makes up the vast majority of folio cases. Polyurethane is a good material, but it has a strong odour, especially at first, and cracks easily.

A Battery Case

Poor battery life is still a concern with mobile technology, but you could always remedy that by getting a battery case for your smartphone. These cases usually have a built-in battery that can keep your smartphone charged for a few hours longer. However, battery cases are always big and hefty. 

If they're small, it's because the battery inside isn't huge. Therefore, they won't provide you with a significant improvement in battery life. It would help if you looked at the mAh rating before getting a particular battery case.


A protective case will help protect your phone or tablet's value and give you more confidence as you use your device. And that's not all. You'll save a lot of money by using a protective case. You'll avoid having to pay to get your phone or tablet repaired and continue to use your phone and not put up with a cracked screen.

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