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IPads and other tablets often contain everything from PowerPoint presentations to research papers in an office or school. Even though these devices offer countless benefits in both settings, it's good to remember that they are sensitive to damage from drops and spills. Since these Apple devices are valuable in offices and schools, they must be protected by a formfitting protective case.

1. Full Coverage

Understandably, the first thing you should consider when choosing an iPad case is full coverage. It's important to look at the perimeter of the iPad case and ensure that it fully encloses the iPad. This can help prevent damage to the iPad and the ports, speakers, and other device parts.

2. Material

Another thing that you should consider when choosing a protective iPad case is the material that it is made from. Some iPad cases include soft or hard plastic or even a combination of both. If possible, it's wise to avoid iPad cases with hard plastic. The reason? These types of plastic can break and chip, exposing the iPad to damage. Instead, it's smart to look at iPad cases with soft plastic or a soft rubberised coating.

3. Drop Protection

Another thing to consider when choosing an iPad case is the amount of drop protection. Ideally, the case should provide at least two-meter drop protection. This is important for two reasons: It will help protect the iPad from tipping over and protect the iPad from drops that occur from two meters or higher.

4. Water Protection

A good iPad case should provide water protection as well. The case should also withstand water coming from all angles to prevent damage. For example, consider an iPad case that can help to protect the iPad if the device is accidentally dropped in a puddle or pool.

5. Velcro Closure

Also, it's a good idea to look for an iPad case that has a velcro closure. This is important for two reasons: First, it will help to prevent dirt and dust from getting inside the case. Secondly, a velcro closure will also help to protect the iPad from accidental spills and drops.

6. Screen Protection

You may want to consider an iPad case that includes screen protection. This can help prevent damage to the iPad's screen and prevent the screen from shattering. This is a great way to protect the iPad from damage, and it can also help reduce the amount that the screen will need to be replaced in the future.

7. Accessibility

It's also important to consider how an iPad case can affect accessibility. Since the iPad is ideal for office use and educational purposes, a case mustn't restrict access to the iPad's controls. Ideally, an iPad case should still allow an iPad to be awakened by touching the screen while it is inside the case. Likewise, an iPad case shouldn't be so thick that it prevents an iPad from fitting on a dock or a keyboard stand.


Choosing a case for an iPad or other tablet is an important decision. After all, an iPad is a device that can be used at home, school, and the office. It's essential to choose a case that offers full coverage, protection from drops, water, etc. It's also important that a case doesn't make it difficult to use the device.

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