Laptop case

There are numerous options for safeguarding your laptop and there is no one best way to ensure your laptop against damage. Some options increase security, but some might better suit your requirements and branding objectives. Learn more about the distinctions between laptop sleeves and cases and which is best for your business.

Laptop Sleeve

Laptop sleeves have existed for quite some time. Laptop pouches and bags are typically made of soft materials such as neoprene or leather. They are slightly larger than the laptop and zip up to protect the device from bumps, scratches, water, and dust during everyday use.

Benefits of Laptop Sleeve

1. Versatile

Due to their versatility in materials, laptop sleeves are more adaptable than cases. Because they are thicker than most materials, have a sponge-like texture, and provide more protection, neoprene sleeves are popular.

2. Protection

Laptop sleeves prevent damage. Laptops are expensive, complex, and fragile. It protects computers from the bag and briefcase lint. Some sleeves repel rain and drink spills.

3. Reduces Frequent Laptop-Cleaning

Laptop sleeves may reduce the frequency of display and chassis cleaning. Cleaning any computer is time-consuming, but laptop cleaning is complicated because not all designs allow easy access to the insides. A laptop sleeve keeps dust off your laptop, extending its lifespan. 

Cons of Laptop Sleeve


Your laptop sleeve can only protect it to a certain extent. Most models have knock protection; some are water-repellent but won't survive a significant drop or swim. Laptop sleeves are not as protective as backpacks or suitcases due to their snug fit. 


As of publication, a basic laptop sleeve costs $15, but more stylish or feature-rich ones can cost over $100. Some may consider this a high price has given the uncertainty of a sleeve's drop protection. 

Moreover, not all sleeves have handles. In addition to the sleeve, you may need a bag to commute with your laptop, increasing the cost.

Laptop Case

In contrast, a laptop case is typically a plastic shell that remains on the laptop. These plastic cases also referred to as laptop shells, are incredibly durable and can be personalised with various logos and other details.

Benefits of Laptop Case

1. Added Protection

Travelling with a laptop? You need laptop cases. Laptop covers protect the most. These designer sleeves protect your laptop from travel scratches, bumps, and knocks. Laptops are expensive and require maintenance. Laptop cases also protect against bag lint.

2. Look Stylish

There are a variety of colours and patterns for hard shells. This is ideal if your team wishes to differentiate between Macbook Pros or if they simply wish to cover the Apple logo with a design of their choosing.

3. Improved Grip

These cases typically feature bottom grips, allowing them to be utilised on various surfaces. This minor design feature is handy for mobile workers.

Cons of Laptop Case

Definite Size

Laptop cases must fit your computer correctly. A 15-inch laptop sleeve will fit a 13-inch laptop but not a more significant snap-on case.

This limits errors if your team uses different laptop sizes or switches laptops often. They snap into place but are more complicated to use than zip-and-go laptop sleeves.

Port Accessibility

Sometimes, these laptop cases can block important ports on your laptop, like the charging port. People constantly wanting to use their case can make this annoying.


There will be times when you must make considerations, which is perfectly fine. The goal is to strike the right balance that meets your primary laptop requirements. It should be portable, protect your laptop, and complement your style.

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