power bank

Modern man is a creature of comfort. It is because of this that we owe our continuous innovation. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.

It is the very reason wireless chargers were created. People were looking for ways to charge mobile phones without plugging them into an outlet.

The question is if you really need these gizmos. With the numerous technological advancement, have you ever wondered if a power bank is a true necessity? Before you brush this off, you should read this article.

How Does a Power Bank Work?

You might be asking why buy a power bank when you can just purchase wireless chargers. The former stores power while the latter has charging coils to produce energy. A power bank gets it energy from an external power supply, such as a wall socket, and stores it in chemical form.

When you use it, the battery sends electrical energy to the connected device. It operates like the phone batter. But a power bank is sometimes more complicated than the internal battery.

Why Buy One?

Just like the wireless charger or the internal phone battery, you still need to charge it. You can compare it to the old battery pack. We would merely replace our drained battery with one that is full of juice. In this case, you can charge your device without needing a physical outlet.

It gives convenience for people who are always on the go. You can also use them for your laptops, speakers and other devices.

Which One Should You Buy?

There are many types of power bank. It varies in shape, size, how they charge and how they release energy. But most of the time, the bigger the power bank, the bigger is its charging capacity. It also means that it is heavier.

If your main purpose is to charge your mobile phone, you can opt for 20,000 mAH or lower since the average capacity of cell phones are 4,000 to 5,000 mAH. Some power banks claim to carry 100,000 mAH. But this assertion is somewhat dubious.

You can use this type of power bank to charge laptops, mini-fridges and similar appliances. You can choose this type of power bank if you are fond of camping. But you should know that this may be as large as a car battery or sometimes even bigger.

Other than its charging capacity, you should also consider how it charges or releases energy. The most common is the USB power banks. You only need a USB cable to charge it and to release its power. You can also opt for wireless ones.


You may argue that our ancestors did not need power banks, but you must remember that they also did not have mobile phones. They communicated through carrier pigeons. 

With the efficiency and reliability they offer, mobile phones are a necessity. This fact is also valid for power banks because it allows you to continue using your device even while you are out of the house.  

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