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In general, noise-cancelling is popular because it reduces the volume of surrounding sounds. On the other hand, noise isolating is less popular because it blocks out surrounding sounds.

Noise-canceling is an active, electronic process in that earbuds play a cancelling sound, while noise-isolating is a passive process that places earbuds in your ears to block out sound.

Noise-Cancelling earbuds

Noise-cancelling earbuds have a mic and a processor that picks up the noise in your environment and plays the opposite frequency signals through your earbuds. This works very well with low-frequency noise, such as aeroplane engine noise, but not so well with high-frequency noise, such as a baby crying. 

Also, you'll have to listen to the sound that's playing on your earbuds. Many people find it annoying and prefer to use the noise-cancelling function only as needed, if at all.

Noise-isolating earbuds

Noise-isolating earbuds form a seal around your ears. They're not active, so they reduce the volume of surrounding sounds by the amount of the seal, which may not be much. Like noise-cancelling earbuds, there's no need to listen to the sound playing in your earbuds. Many people like noise-isolating earbuds because they're easy to use and comfortable.

With technology advancing, noise-cancelling earbuds are becoming more popular. The problem is that you may have to wait for your next plane or train ride to use them.

Is Noise Canceling or Noise Isolating a Better Choice for You?

If you have a choice, we recommend noise-isolating earbuds. You can use them anywhere, anytime, and the noise-cancelling feature won't drive you crazy. Additionally, noise-cancelling earbuds can be costly, so it's a good idea to try noise-isolating earbuds first. See if they work for you before you invest in more expensive options.

How to Choose Noise-Isolating earbuds

When you shop for noise-isolating earbuds, you'll want to choose a model that offers desirable features, including:

1. Comfort for Long-Term Wear

If you have problems with earbuds pinching your ears when you wear them, you'll need to buy earbuds with a good design.

2. Tight Seals to Block Out Surrounding Sounds

Make sure that you can get a tight seal around your ear. A good, tight seal will block out more background noise, so you can focus on what's happening around you.

3. Extremely Lightweight for Long-Term Wear

If you must wear earbuds for long periods, lightweight earbuds are more comfortable than heavy ones.

4. Sturdy Cords

The cord on your earbuds can get pulled, yanked, and bent if you're outdoors. Sturdy, non-tangled wires are best.

5. Good Insulation to Keep Outside Noise Out

The best earbuds will be able to block out the sounds of your city, train, or plane. You'll get a lot more enjoyment from the technology if you can hear the sounds you're trying to listen to.


Noise-isolating earbuds are certainly not a perfect solution, but they're a great start. You can only hear what you want to hear by plugging your ears. This is an essential step towards creating your music, the music you want to listen to when you're in public. Try earbuds to block out the sounds around you completely.

You can conquer your fear of public places when you know what you want to hear. You'll have peace of mind, and you'll have fun.

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