Lightning Cable

We often forget about ourselves during Christmas, but that does not have to be the case. Why not treat yourself to an authentic Apple accessory? You can go for an iPad Air case or other neat addition.

With this said, why not indulge in an MFI? You should get yourself the best of what the world has to offer. But what is this MFI? Let us talk more about this exquisite technological advancement.

What Is This MFI?

Initially, MFI meant Made for iPod. In 2005, Apple launched this certification program to ensure that all its accessories would work with their original dock. As years went by, its scope widened. Its primary purpose was to regulate lightning cables.

With its steep price tag, it is tempting to settle for their cheap substitutes. But such alternatives can cause the following problems:

  1.  It may now be possible for hackers to hijack your IOS device.
  2. The cable is not as durable as you expect it to be.
  3.  It may not charge or sync with your device.

As discussed earlier, its reach is now broader compared to its inception. It now means Made for iPhone. Its goal is to ensure that certified lightning can protect your iPhone, iPod, and even computer from damage.

What Makes Counterfeit Accessories Bad?

Other manufacturers can make lightning cables that meet the standards set by Apple. But the cost of doing so is quite steep and they would prefer not to undergo the certification process. They have to pay Apple royalty on top of the testing expenses.

Considering the sheer number of Apple accessories, it would be difficult for you to distinguish the good ones from the bad. You have to determine if this iPad keyboard fits your device. If this is the case, why go through the trouble of exposing your device to potential damage?

Unfortunately, you cannot rely on visually inspecting the item. The cheap lightning cable may look and feel like the MFI certified one, but it may not perform well as the real one. Again, why go through that much trouble?

Why Choose the MFI Certified Accessory?

You might still be on the fence about getting legitimate Apple accessories. The iPhone cases alone are a bit pricey. But remember that each authentic Apple merchandise went through stringent testing. That assurance alone is worth the cost.

If that assurance does not win you over, think about the possible damage that a cheap lightning cable can inflict on your device. Here are a few:

  1. You must consider that if the manufacturer was unwilling to pay the cost of an MFI certification, what other processes were they willing to cut back? They may have utilized low-quality materials.
  2. You might find it difficult to charge your iPhone even with a newly bought cheap substitute. It might not even charge at all.
  3. There is also a possibility that the unit will overheat and start a fire. It can also electrocute the person handling it.
  4. Worse of all is that some hackers create lightning cables that contain hijacking features. They will use it to get into your device.


As the song says, “have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” It should remind us that we need to give ourselves a little treat. Why not buy an authentic Apple accessory this year?

You can get yourself smart Apple watch bands or an MFI certified lightning cable. They are worth the price.

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