Magnetic Phone Mount

Are you someone who struggles with driving and navigating on their phone all the time? Then it might be time to purchase the best car phone holders in the market. Driving is a much easier activity for the driver and the navigator through using magnetic car mounts.

However, if you’re worried about the magnets in the mount ruining your smartphone, you shouldn’t be! Here are the reasons why it’s safe to use magnetic in-car phone holders for smartphones.

1. Small Magnets Are Harmless

Advancements in technology made it possible to use small magnets around smartphones and other electronic devices. Since most devices involve solid-state drives for memory storage, magnets cannot affect how the latest devices work. 

Solid-state drives do not use magnetism to store data. Instead, they rely on electrical signals to orient transistors—similar to how credit cards work but are more updated.

2. Most Smartphones Have Magnets Inside

Apple, one of the biggest phone manufacturers globally, recently launched the MagSafe feature on their devices. MagSafe allows users to utilise magnetic accessories and connect them to their smartphones through a circular magnet embedded at the back. 

As a result, users can attach various accessories like power banks and chargers through the MagSafe technology. The addition of the MagSafe feature only proves one thing—magnets are now implemented on smartphones, ensuring consumers that they are safe to use around the latest devices. 

3. It’s Safe to Use Phones in Magnetic Fields

Contrary to popular belief, magnetic fields can somehow affect smartphones and their physical properties. However, it’s not to the extent where the processes shut down altogether, and the devices become unusable overall. 

Moreover, a strong magnetic field can only affect smartphones over long exposures. But then again, a magnetic car mount is nothing near a powerful magnetic field.

4. Speakers Stay Sounding Great

The magnetic field a car phone holder produces isn’t as strong as people think. Although it can hold a smartphone upright during a long drive, it isn’t enough to affect its physical components—including the speakers. 

Instead, people should be more worried about wearing out their speakers through continuous use during road trips or over the phone for extended periods.

5. GPS and Cell Signal Safe

Global Positioning System (GPS) is an essential feature on most smartphones nowadays. Although the part uses satellites to navigate the user’s exact coordinates, the magnets in a car phone holder aren’t enough to disrupt the signal received by the phone. 

Therefore, using a GPS while driving is an acceptable practice. However, continue focusing on the road instead of the phone to avoid distraction while behind the wheel.


In-car phone holders are great accessories to install in your vehicles. They can provide an extra hand for drivers needing help in navigating through unfamiliar roads. On the other hand, they are also great placeholders for smartphones to keep them in your sight while driving down the road.

Magnetic phone holders are not dangerous for smartphones. They have magnets, but they aren’t enough to disrupt the physical components in mobile devices that rely on signals and magnetic fields. Use them with caution, keep your eyes on the road, and drive safely.

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