charging phones

Do you find yourself grabbing your phone in a rush to work, only to find out that your phone did not charge as you liked it to be? It might seem like your phone isn't charging fast enough for your liking. Well, there are many reasons why some phones don't have fast charging speed (or at least as quickly as you want them to be), but this doesn't mean you're stuck with slow charging forever! There are so many ways you can boost your phone's charging speed, whether a little bit or a lot.

Today, let's talk about the many ways you can charge your phone much quicker:

1. Switch Airplane Mode On

This is the most straightforward way to ensure that your phone is getting a fast charge. The reason for this is that airplane mode disables wireless signals so that your phone can maximise charging speed. For this reason, you should always switch your phone to airplane mode when charging it overnight, even if you don't have a phone that charges quickly.

2. Use a Portable Charging Battery

If you would like to charge your phone quickly while you're on the move, consider getting one of these portable charging batteries. This nifty device can recharge your phone's battery, allowing you to have a quick charge even if you don't have access to a power outlet.

3. Utilise A Wall Charger

Instead of using a micro-USB cable to charge your phone through your PC or laptop, you can use a wall charger, given there's a socket near you. After all, power from the socket is much more abundant, and this will help greatly charge your phone faster. But of course, the type of wall charger you buy will also matter, so make sure you buy a charger that is compatible with your phones and supports faster charging speeds.

4. Keep Your Phone Cool

Many people don't realise this, but your phone's charging speed depends on how hot your phone is. As such, the best thing you can do is to keep your phone cool. This way, it won't take long for your phone to charge fully. If you feel like your phone is hot because it was exposed to a heat source, ensure it cools down first before charging it. In addition, make sure it stays away from any heat sources. It is normal for your phone to warm up when charging, but don't let additional heat from the outside interfere with the charging speed!

6. Switch The Phone Off

The last thing that you can do to charge your phone faster is to switch your phone off, especially if you don't need to use it. This will allow your phone to charge faster. As long as you don't mind your phone being off for a while, switching off your phone could double or even triple your charging speed. Note that your experience may vary, but more often than not, charging a phone that's turned off will be faster than one that is on.


All of the listed tips above are surefire ways to make your phone charge faster. But of course, there might be other ways as well. For example, if you notice that your phone charges slowly, you should restart your phone before charging it again. By restarting your phone, you'll be able to free up memory and make sure that your phone is running optimally. But of course, do try the tips we've shared above if you have yet to implement them. We promise that your phone will charge faster, and hopefully, fast enough!

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