smartwatch band

Nowadays, smartwatches and fitness bands are all the rage due to the functionality and convenience they provide. You're practically wearing a portable mobile device on your arm whenever you go out. What makes people like it more is the amount of personalization you can do with it. Watch bands come in all shapes and sizes, and you can use them to change the look of your smartwatch. In this guide, we look at the different watch bands in the market so you can personalize your smartwatch however you want.

1. Sporty, Rubber Strap

Sports bands look basic in design and are made of rubber. They are only waterproof up to 50m and are commonly used during workouts and swimming. Aside from being stylish, they also come in different colours and sizes. Since they are made of rubber, they can also withstand sweat, making them the perfect companion for people who are working out.

The perfect pair for sporty users, these rubber straps can be replaced easily. Just remove the current straps, snap on the new ones, and you're ready to go. If you want, you can have a different band colour for every occasion or day of the week.

2. Leather Strap

As a luxury and a classic material, leather is a common choice for watch bands. They come in different colours and styles, with the most notable ones being black and brown leather straps. However, unlike rubber straps, leather straps come in two forms – plain and patterned. The plain form is pretty much basic and has no patterned design. But they still look elegant and stylish despite their plainness.

On the other hand, the patterned ones are also known as “stitched”, with designs similar to a leather belt. They are made up of leather but have patterns that appear on the surface. It's a bit more expensive compared to the plain leather strap, but it lets you express your personality and add a bit of style to your watch band.

3. Ceramic Bands

You can't go wrong with a ceramic band, which is also a luxury material. If you're looking for something simple, classy and appropriate for work, then ceramic is the best alternative for a leather or rubber watch band. Ceramic bands are a bit more expensive than the leather ones, but they are worth it, especially if you're looking for something that will last you for a long time.

4. Metal Strap

Known for their longevity, metal watch straps are a popular choice for many smartwatch users. They come in different colors, from gold and silver to bronze and black. If you're looking for a luxurious watch band that you can use without worrying about it getting damaged, then metal is the best choice.

Like other materials, metal watch bands come in different styles. You can choose from the regular buckle, or a watch band with a built-in clasp to secure it to your wrist. However, they are heavier than the other materials and can be stiff at first. If you're looking for a more stylish yet durable strap, then metal watch straps are the right choice for you.

5. NATO Straps

Coming in different colors, sizes and patterns, NATO straps are similar to leather straps but with a different look. They come in different widths, the most common being 20mm and 22mm. The most notable difference, though, is that NATO straps are not made of leather but canvas.

For those who don't know what NATO straps are, they are straps that are used by the military. The straps have a different look and feel compared to leather straps, and they are usually worn by military personnel and Army fans.


Smartwatches are the perfect buddy to have if you want to go out and enjoy the benefits of a traditional watch with the added advantage of a smartphone. With the availability of a wide range of watch bands, it's hard to say no to one. The best way to decide which watch band to use is to decide how you want to use it. You can also mix and match different watch bands, depending on your mood and the occasion.

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