One or two charges on their phone are enough for many individuals to get through a day. However, for some, one or two charges isn't enough. They need multiple, and for that reason, they invest in power banks. Of course, there are many brands that one can buy a high-quality power bank from, but the problem is that there are also many fakes out there that falsely advertise how much the power bank can offer or do. Some may even cause harm to the phone!

So, how do you identify a fake power bank from the real one? Here are a few ways to do so to avoid making the wrong purchase:

1. It Is Too Cheap For What It Offers

This is probably the most common sign that something isn't right. The best power banks are generally not nearly as cheap as being offered by, well, the worst brands. Of course, this doesn't mean that there are no gems available because it's the lowest price, but most of the time, you will notice the power banks themselves are shoddily built. So, if you find something that offers a lot of power for an incredibly low price, be wary.

2. The Company Is Unknown

The fact that a company is anonymous doesn't mean that their products are fakes or shoddily built, but that there is no way to check quality. There are also a few companies that don't have a website or are just a mobile number. This is a bad sign, especially if the phone numbers aren't even in your country. To avoid this problem, always only buy from reputable brands. If you're buying from a reseller, then make sure they're reputable as well.

3. The Packaging Doesn't Look Like The Original

This is a very common problem that most regular consumer products have. It applies to power banks in much the same way. A fake power bank will look different from the original packaging. You can tell this if the box is very generic, the font is different, or the design is very different. The box will also look a bit cheap, and it will be hard to open. Even if you're buying from a reputable retailer, check the power bank's packaging, and if it looks different, don't buy it.

4. It Makes Strange Noises When In Use

If the power bank starts sounding like it is going to explode, or a needle is being dragged across a record, don't use it! This means that the power bank is fake, and there is an issue with it. If it gets very hot, especially immediately after charging it, it could catch fire and even blow up! Throw it away, and don't buy another one unless you're sure that it is real and that the problem was a result of a product that was unfortunately defective.


So, there you have it, some ways to identify fake power banks and avoid the risk of them harming your phone in any way. It isn't a guaranteed way to make sure that the power bank you're buying is safe and reliable, but it's a good starting point. Of course, only buy from reputable retailers and companies, and check the website and company information. Looking at the reviews also helps in ensuring you are buying the real deal! These are good ways to avoid buying a fake power bank!

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