What Makes Wireless Charging a Good Option for Your Phone

Wireless chargers are convenient, stylish, and easy to use. However, many people still have concerns about how wireless charging works or whether it is safe. If you’re contemplating one for yourself, here’s what you should know:

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Your wireless charger comes with a built-in transmitter, and phones with wireless charging come with a built-in receiver. The transmitter in the charger connects to the receiver in the back of your phone and creates a magnetic field which the receiver then converts into electricity to charge the battery. 

With the most current, readily available wireless chargers, the transmitter and receiver must be close together for the charger to work. This is why phones must be appropriately aligned on the charger. This is also why most newer phones are made with a glass back instead of metal, as the metal back blocks the connection between the transmitter and receiver. However, most cases do not block the connection, so you usually don't need to remove your case for it to work.

What Is the Meaning of Qi-Certified?

A term you may have seen concerning wireless charging is "Qi-certified." Qi refers to an interface standard for wireless charging. Having a standard ensures that the charger and phone are compatible and wireless charging will work properly. It is the standard Apple uses for its wireless charging compatible devices, while Samsung and Pixel have also made their devices compatible. When looking for a wireless charger, look for the phrase "Qi-certified" or "For Qi-compatible devices."

Is It Safe to Use Wireless Chargers?

When it comes to new or unfamiliar technology, the first thought for many people is if it's safe for use. When it comes to wireless charging, the answer is it's absolutely safe. The electromagnetic field produced isn't strong enough to affect a person. This technology has also been used for decades in electric toothbrushes, with no issues.

The next question you may be thinking is whether wireless charging is safe for your phone—also yes! Wireless charging does not affect your battery any differently than regular charging. What will affect the battery is charging habits.

Optimum Battery Charge of Your Phone 

Most phone batteries are designed to retain at least 80% of their charging capacity for 500 charging cycles. A charging cycle means that you've discharged 100% of your battery. This doesn't have to happen all at once. You can use 30% off the battery one day, charge it, and then use 70% off the battery the next day, which is one charging cycle.

Most experts then agree that it's best to keep phones charged between 20% and 80% at all times, so charging a little throughout the day is the most ideal. This makes wireless charging the best choice. If you have a wireless charger at home, on your desk at work, and in your car, you can charge your phone a little at a time for optimal battery health. 

Wireless charging is slower than regular charging, but it allows you to pick up your phone, use it, and then set it back down without being tethered to a cable. And because you're more likely to be charging it periodically throughout the day, it doesn't matter that it's a little slower. 

Advantages of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has many benefits that don't come with using a regular charging cable.

  • It's convenient - You can keep a sleek, minimal charging pad on a desk, nightstand, or side table, and all you have to do is place the phone down to charge. To use it, just pick it back up—no annoying cables to deal with.
  • No damage to the charging port - Plugging in any phone constantly can actually start to cause damage to the charging port on the phone from constant use. Switching to wireless charging would eliminate this problem.
  • No frayed cables – It is so easy for charging cables to bend and become useless. With a wireless charger, you don't have to worry about this.
  • Optimal for battery health - Ultimately, wireless charging is the best option for optimal battery health because it allows you to conveniently charge your phone periodically throughout the day in between it being used.

Final Thoughts

If you constantly lose charging cables or live in a household where Android phones and iPhones peacefully coexist, it might be time for a wireless charging pad. In addition to serving as universal charging options for supported devices, wireless chargers help cut cable clutter, and they're harder to break or lose. 

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