iPhone 13 / 14

Jet Black Croco Phone Necklace Case

ID : 1015312

Size: iPhone 13 / 14
Colour: Black
Sale price$99.90


Compatible with: iPhone 13

Jet Black Croco is inspired by nature's richest texture, croco. Often associated with power, mystery and elegance, this deep black fully embodies the allure of croc texture.

Phone necklaces offer a wireless option and ensure that your smartphone is always within reach. Combine your phone necklace with several strap models and create a set that looks your own. 

All phone necklaces are made of premium faux leather and have gold-tone embellishments that can be attached or detached from the strap. Comes with a matching adjustable strap with a length of 100-115 cm.

Our phone necklace can be magnetically combined with our compatible products, which are part of our Accessories of Attraction product range, so you can create a set that looks your own.

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