iPhone 11 Pro

Raptic Shield / Drop Protection

ID : 1012604

Size: iPhone 11 Pro
Colour: Black
Sale price$59.90


Compatible with: iPhone 11 Pro

Military Grade Drop Protection

Defence Lux brings together refined luxury and durability to create the ultimate protective case. Made from premium materials, the Defence Lux withstands drops from 10 feet, exceeding Military Grade standards for drop test.

Anodised Machined Metal Frame

Machined aluminium metal frames the outside of the case, instead of plastic, providing military-grade drop protection without the bulk and weight.

Acoustic Channel Directs Speaker Forward

An integrated sound channel amplifies the bottom speaker and redirects sound to the front of the case for the best sound experience.

Clear Polycarbonate Back Panel

We get it—you love your iPhone 11 and you want to show it off, but not at the risk of endangering its protection. That's why we back our cases with a clear polycarbonate panel, designed to protect your iPhone 11 from impact and scratches while putting that Apple logo and its stylish colour scheme at centre stage. And the best part? It won't yellow, so your case lets your iPhone retain its true hue.

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