iPhone 12 Pro Max

Raptic Lux Leather / Drop Protection

ID : 1012902

Size: iPhone 12 Pro Max
Colour: Black
Sale price$73.90


Compatible with: iPhone 12 Pro Max

Military Grade Drop Protection

Defence Lux is drop tested up to 10 ft drops onto concrete. Besides being one of the most protective cases on the market, it's one of the most stylish

Anodised Machined Metal Frame

Defence Lux starts with an anodised machined aluminium frame, which gives the case protection while being super lightweight.

Acoustic Channel Directs Sound Forward

On the bottom of the case, sound channels direct the speaker forward so the sound is better when listening to music, or just taking a face-time call.

Luxurious Back Panel

Besides being the most protective case on the market, the luxurious back panel of the Defence Lux gives your iPhone a sleek and stylish look, without compromising style.

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