Upgrading your iPhone feels like a yearly routine, much like the mandatory spring cleaning for your home. Thankfully, transferring data through the cloud makes it easy to upgrade to new hardware. However, there are specific changes you’ll need to accommodate with the release of the iPhone13.

With the release of the iPhone 13, consumers can pick up the mini or Pro Max version. Depending on your preference, you’ll experience a slight change in performance and look. More importantly, each model varies in size from 5.4 inches to 6.7 inches. This difference in hardware will play a vital role in choosing the right iPhone case.

Before You Buy an iPhone 13 Case

Buying your iPhone accessories is just as important as buying the phone itself. After all, you should invest in protecting your precious companion. Although you can’t stop the necessity of purchasing the latest model of phones, you can reduce your net expenses. You can achieve this by keeping your current purchase as protected as possible. However, you need to ensure that the phone case you’ll buy is worth its long-term value. 

In this article, we’ll share three features you should look for in an iPhone 13 case.

  1. Opening for Utilities

Phone case manufacturers come in different shapes and sizes, so they don’t practically have a universal standard with products. For this reason, you need to check if the iPhone case you buy will fit your device. Besides looking at its size, you should inspect its surfaces for openings. Remember to check for gaps allocated for lightning ports and camera slots.

  1. Case Material

A phone case naturally provides an aesthetic and practical function to your phone. Besides giving it a personalized look, it also protects your phone and keeps wear and tear to a minimum. This makes it an excellent investment as you look forward to selling in the future.

Before buying your iPhone case, you should check its material to ensure if it offers enough protection that matches your preferences. It must have enough protection by containing shock-absorbing properties. However, its level of protection shouldn’t have the drawback of making it too heavy to carry.

  1. Level of Protection

Keep in mind that a phone case’s design can considerably impact the level of protection it provides. For example, clear cases may seem simple and sleek to have. However, they’re often prone to scratching, and the thinness of plastic can turn yellowish over time. In contrast, rubberized phone cases may be tough to clean and have problems with wetness. 

Besides the overall look of your phone case, it’s also essential to check its design. Some phone cases have a raised lip to protect the screen from potential damage. However, this leads to a drawback in functionality since the raised lip makes it difficult for edge swiping. It’s important to weigh these pros and cons before choosing the right phone case you’re comfortable with.


The mandatory release of the latest iPhones in the market is a natural development of smartphone technologies. While it won’t automatically create the previous version obsolete, it’s important to consider the limited lifespan of these devices. After all, it’s best to upgrade your phone with the latest hardware to keep up with the latest innovation in software development.

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