With the Apple Event announcing some fascinating new things, many Apple fans have plenty to look forward to. Apart from the highly anticipated iPhone 13, many other things were revealed, such as the new iPad mini, a new generation of iPad, the Watch Series 7, and the upcoming brand-new MacBook Pro. If you are looking to collect more information about these products, you're in the right place. 

Today, we're going to discuss the new products that Apple has ready for you, sharing what you can expect out of them: 

The iPhone 13

Of all the products Apple had to unveil, the iPhone 13 was the most significant focus of them all. As reported, the iPhone 13 sticks to the already-loved iPhone 12 design with a few upgrades. These upgrades include improving the camera's features and enhancing the phone's performance, all still being kept in the same iPhone 12 design. For those looking for a new design, this might be a little disappointing. However, the improvements and features may make this phone worthwhile.

That said, the biggest focus on the iPhone 13 itself is on the camera. Features like a new portrait mode called "Cinematic Video" and improved video-recording abilities on the Pro model will make the camera experience on the phones phenomenal. On the Pro model, ProMotion technology, a technology that adapts the refresh rate to as high as 120Hz, will also be introduced. This will truly make using the phone a smooth experience.

The MacBook Pro

There had been plenty of rumours revolving around the MacBook Pro 2021, but we will likely get to enjoy a new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro near the end of 2021. Unfortunately, there aren't many specifications to go on at this current time, but we could see the return of the HDMI port, the MagSafe charger, and even an SD card reader. For all content creators and general users, these additions are truly a godsend.

With that in mind, one of the most highly anticipated upgrades coming to the new MacBooks is the M1X chipset. Some also claim that the MacBooks will come with Mini-LED screens, the same screens we've seen on the new iPad Pro 2021 12.9-inch version. However, take it with a grain of salt because these are yet to be confirmed.

The Watch Series 7, iPad Mini, and More

For those looking for a brand-new watch, the Watch Series 7 is here to come. Although it still adopts similar designs to its previous Watch Series 6, the bezels have a massive improvement. You can expect 60% smaller bezels on your Series 7 watch, which dramatically improves aesthetics. The screen is also much more durable and larger, also offering IPX6 water and dust resistance.

Significant upgrades are coming for iPad lovers, and this is excellent news for those looking to finally upgrade their outdated iPad mini and even iPad. From thinner borders to more power, the iPads that so many people love to use has just gotten a lot more love. AirPods users also have something new to look forward to, and more is to come for Apple fans.


There have been many rumours that surround the releases, along with some official reveals by Apple themselves. Regardless, Apple fans around the world can rejoice at the fact that many of their products are getting a refresh, especially on ones that have long been overdue for one. As the end of the year draws closer, we can expect more announcements and even releases the Apple has yet to make known, which gives us plenty to look forward to.

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