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The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are likely to soon go on sale here in Australia with the iPhone 13 launch coming up. If you're still rocking an older iPhone, now might just be the time to upgrade to the iPhone 12 range of devices. Explore new features like enhanced camera display.

Like most new phones, you must put them in a phone case after getting them out of the box—lest you suffer the consequences of a cracked screen, broken back glass or damaged camera lens.

While it’s pretty unheard of, there is staunch opposition towards phone cases. Yes—some people hate phone cases. The primary argument against using a phone case is that it obstructs the phone’s design. The opposition towards phone cases is now even more significant because the iPhone 12 sports an iPhone 4-like design. 

Regardless, you should still put that phone in a case because it can break quickly enough as it is—and it will suffer a worse break if it happens to be unprotected. If you’re still not sold on why your iPhone 12 must have a case, we’re here to tell you that it simply cannot be. Read on below to learn more.

“But Apple Said That the iPhone 12’s Screen Couldn’t Be Broken!”

Okay, first off: Apple didn’t say that. Apple has stated explicitly that the iPhone 12’s “Ceramic Shield” glass (apparently a glass-ceramic hybrid) is up to four times more drop-resistant than the previous glass used in most smartphones.

The main issue here is that the ceramic glass shield is only applied to the phone’s front and not the back. To put it plainly, the iPhone 12 is not four times more drop-resistant in the back and sides—just the front. Ceramic shield glass might be tougher, but Apple isn’t confirming one thing: is it indestructible or not?

Additionally, Apple has only commented on how drops affect the iPhone 12 and has made no mention of other damage factors, such as being crushed under immense pressure or sharp impact from a different object.

“The Phone Case Only Protects the Sides and the Back of the iPhone 12, So Why Bother?”

There may be a point there, but did you know that having a case on your iPhone 12 can still protect its front? If a bare phone lands on its back, the impact force is felt throughout the phone regardless—even up to the front screen.

Depending on how the phone drops, how it lands, and its angles, force is still present; it’s just a matter of how much force can make or break your phone during the drop.

A screen protector is also something that can help in this regard. Most screen protectors appear thin yet thick, just enough to offer solid protection to your phone.

“I Still Don’t Want a Case for My iPhone 12; It Ruins the Style!”

Most phone owners get a new phone that will last them for at least five years. Well-protected phones, especially those with phone cases and screen protectors, can even last way more than that. If you still don’t want a case for your iPhone 12, then you’ve only got yourself to blame if it gets broken.

What's the verdict?

Phone cases are what can save your phone from certain destruction, so it’s best to fit them on even if you think that it ruins its physical appearance. Remember: a phone that’s well-cared for by its owner will last for a long time despite daily use.

Phone cases for iPhones are essential so that they’re well protected. If you’re looking for Apple phone cases, Mobilebeat has what you need! We also offer other products, such as Samsung, Oppo, and other accessories. Order your new accessories today!