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Wireless charging is a relatively new technology, so many people are left wondering if it can be harmful to their device's battery. With the vast majority of smartphones, tablets, and other devices now being capable of wireless charging, it is important to know whether it is safe to use. This article will discuss the potential risks associated with wireless charging, and whether it can actually harm your battery.

Myth: Wireless Charging Will Damage Your Battery

Wireless charging has become increasingly popular in recent years, as an increasing number of smartphones and other devices are now able to be charged wirelessly. However, there is a common misconception that wireless charging can damage your device’s battery. This myth has been perpetuated by some individuals who claim that the radiation emitted by wireless charging can harm the battery, leading to decreased battery life or even health risks.

The reality is that wireless charging is perfectly safe and poses no risk to your device's battery. In fact, wireless charging is a much more efficient way of charging your device than traditional methods, as it reduces the amount of power lost while transferring electricity. This means that your device will charge faster and more efficiently when using a wireless charger.

It is true that wireless chargers do emit a form of radiation, but this is of a much lower frequency than that emitted by cell phones. This means that it poses no threat to your device's battery or your health. In fact, the radiation emitted by a wireless charger is so low that it is considered to be harmless by the World Health Organisation.

The truth is that wireless charging is a safe and efficient way of charging your device. It is important to remember that any type of charging, whether it be wireless or traditional, will put some strain on your device's battery. However, as long as you use a reputable charger, then you should have no worries about your device's battery.

Myth: Wireless Charging Can Cause Fires

Wireless charging is a relatively new technology that has revolutionized the way we charge our electronic devices. With this new technology, you can easily charge your device without having to worry about plugging in a cable or dealing with a tangled mess of wires. However, there is a common misconception that wireless charging can cause fires. This myth has been propagated by articles and social media posts, but the truth is that wireless charging is actually quite safe and poses very little risk of fire or other hazardous events.

To begin, it is important to understand how wireless charging works. Wireless charging uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy from a charging pad or mat to the device being charged. This energy is then converted into electricity and used to power the device. During this process, very little heat is generated, and it is not enough to cause a fire.

In addition, wireless chargers are required to meet strict safety standards set by the Federal Communications Commission and other regulatory bodies. These standards are designed to ensure that wireless chargers don’t generate too much heat or create any other dangerous conditions. Additionally, wireless chargers are designed to shut off automatically if they detect any abnormalities in the charging process.

Furthermore, the risk of a fire caused by wireless charging is extremely low. This is because the wireless chargers are designed to be used with devices that are already certified to be safe for wireless charging. The risk of a fire is even lower if you use a certified wireless charger with a certified device.

Myth: Wireless Charging Is Inefficient and Slow

This myth is not true. Wireless charging is actually quite efficient and can be just as fast as wired charging. The speed of charging depends on the power of the charger, the type of device being charged, and the battery capacity of the device. Higher power chargers can charge a device faster, and modern devices with larger batteries can also charge faster than older devices.


Wireless charging does not damage your battery if it is properly used. However, if the phone is left on the charger for too long, it can cause the battery to overheat, leading to a decrease in battery life. Additionally, using a wireless charger that is not compatible with your phone can also cause damage to the battery. Ultimately, as long as you use the correct charger for your device and don’t leave it on the charger for too long, you should be able to safely and efficiently use wireless charging without damaging your phone’s battery.

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