A Guide to Wireless Chargers with Safety Features

With billions of smartphone users on the go all over the world, portable charging is a long-term concern for many. Unfortunately, chargers undergo significant wear and tear day in and day out, and it can be difficult to find a brand or a unit that will last for several years.

If you’re looking for a new wireless charger, you should make sure to do your due diligence and never buy or use a counterfeit one. Though they are definitely cheaper, they also come with significant safety risks.

Why You Should Stay Away from Fake Wireless Phone Chargers

Every product you use that runs through electrical power has the potential to do you harm. Manufacturers use high-quality components and implement strict safety precautions to ensure that you will be safe with every use. 

Fake chargers (or any other counterfeit devices) are of very poor quality, and so they fail to meet mandated safety regulations. Counterfeit phone chargers are usually erratic in handling the flow of electricity, so there’s a great risk of nuking your phone and frying the processor. And the worst-case scenario, you may even suffer from injuries, electric shocks, or fires because your phone exploded.

Why You Should Get Chargers with Safety Features

If you get a wireless charger that’s equipped with safety features, you will be able to eliminate the following risks:

  1. The Risk of Damaging Your Phone 

With fake wireless chargers, there is a high chance for the device itself, along with your phone, to overheat. Overheating will degrade the battery and shorten your phone’s battery life.

If you use a phone case, the higher temperature may melt it and other surfaces it comes in contact with. If the voltage is too high to control, you can damage your phone as well as other electronic devices in close proximity.

But if you get a certified, legitimate wireless charger, you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly tested against heating problems. With it, you can also expect magnetic fields limiting high voltages that can be induced to your phone.

  1. The Risk of Injuries

When your wireless charger overheats, a mistake might lead you to third-degree skin burns. However, if you get a charger with Qi certification, you’ll get measures that will prevent these concerns from happening.

How to Recognise an Original Wireless Phone Charger 

Now that you know the risks of counterfeit chargers, these are the signs you must look for so you can spot an authentic unit: 

  1. The Qi Logo

The Qi logo is applied to certified products as an approval of the registration from the Wireless Power Consortium. Though this is a simple method, many counterfeit manufacturers don’t even take time to use a Qi logo on their products, so spotting it can be a step in the right direction. 

  1. A Certificate of Registration

Aside from the logo, the Wireless Power Consortium issues certificates for products with Qi certification. You’ll be able to access a URL or a QR code that leads you to a certificate or the product database page. 

  1. The Qi-Certified Product Database

The Qi-Certified Product Database contains a list of all products with this certification. You can search for any product by typing in a brand name, product name, and type number.

Final Thoughts 

As much as you invest money for your smartphone, make sure that you approach chargers the same way. After all, they deliver power to your phone and they make use of electricity, which can be risky if not done right.

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