Why You Shouldn’t Use Knock-off Chargers for Your Devices

Knock-offs chargers cut corners where they really shouldn't. They don't have insulation tapes, protective cases, and are often just poorly designed. Some leak electricity, so you can feel the current if you put your hands on them. An iPhone costs anywhere from $850 to $1300. Paying $20, less than 10% of the price, shouldn’t be a dealbreaker when it ensures a reliable charging experience!

Fake Lightning Cables Don't Perform Well

Because fraudulent chargers can be unpredictable when providing power, they pose a risk of destroying your devices. Your phone's CPU may get fried. Some individuals have also reported seeing their phones explode!

Suppose you purchased bogus lightning to USB cable or used the cable that came with your counterfeit charger to sync data with a computer. In that case, you will get a warning on your iPhone stating that the accessory is not compatible. That occurs when you are using a knock-off charger, and it is very inconvenient and irritating. The new Lightning connections are equipped with an authentication chip that may be programmed and mostly missing from counterfeit chargers. This obnoxious warning and the accompanying sound should be enough to convince you to invest in the real thing.

How to Spot a Knock-Off Charger 

Now you may believe that knock-off chargers don’t work well, but how do you recognise when you’re purchasing the real thing? Here are some warning signs that you’ve got a fake:

  • Poor Markings

Examine the plug to check whether it has any CE markings (certification marks) required by European Union law to demonstrate compliance with product safety requirements. Most counterfeiters do not have the necessary equipment to stamp such a mark or get the verified certification. While they will seem faded or crooked even if they have been designated CE, others are more complex and should be avoided.

  • Wrong Plug Pin Finish 

That is a more apparent indication that the plug is a fake. The three-pin connector's location may be just off-balance or fail to fit correctly. That is a symptom of poor craftsmanship, which contributes to the low cost of the product. Genuine plugs will line adequately and fit the casing flawlessly—with no loose pins and a flush fit—and will not need any further adjustments. 

  • Crooked USB port

The presence of a USB port on a counterfeit connector is usually a dead giveaway as to its legitimacy and dependability. The majority of counterfeit plugs have crooked or loose USB ports, making connection problematic. 

  • Cheap Materials 

The use of lower-cost materials to manufacture bogus plugs and cables is the most apparent cause for their demise. The low price you pay for them is due to the low-quality materials they are made of. As a result, components inside the cable's head are reduced to the bare minimum, and soldering is neglected, resulting in crossed wiring and overloaded circuit boards. Electrical currents will overload, and if the cable or plug does not have the proper components built-in, there is a greater danger of fire, electrical shock, or an overcharged phone battery, among other things.

  • Excessively Lightweight

This one is very straightforward. An excessively light weight of the plug or cable head is a strong indicator that you are purchasing a counterfeit product. Genuine cables and plugs are much heavier than counterfeit cables and plugs since the proper component has been utilized, whether solid metal or thicker plastic, all contribute to the weight. 

Final Thoughts

The vast majority of charges in circulation are fake. That means that these chargers have not been subjected to the same rigorous quality control procedures as authentic cables directly from device manufacturers. There have been many instances in which these phony wires have been the primary cause of home fires, battery explosions, and electric shocks, among other things. A reliable dealer is the easiest way to make sure that you are getting the real thing. You may wind up spending a little more, but you will have peace of mind knowing that your purchase is safe. 

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