car phone holder

A car phone holder is one of the best simple accessories ever invented. With the proliferation of GPS and audio streaming apps, a car phone holder is an accessory that can keep up. Car phone holders are not only functional, but they can also add style to your vehicle.

A car phone holder is not a complicated item to install. Depending on the structure of your vehicle, you can mount this accessory almost anywhere. While it may seem like a simple tool, it has had various innovations over the years.

In this article, let us delve deep into learning there is to know about car phone holders.

Knowing a Car Phone Holder

A car phone holder is a small accessory that allows you to mount your phone in your vehicle to secure it. More often than not, these phone holders are made of durable plastic, and some are made from metal.

Whether you have a sophisticated music streaming app or you have a navigation app for your smartphone, a phone holder will allow you to use your phone without having to hold it in your hand.

Comparing Different Types of Car Phone Holders

Air Vent Phone Holder

Air vent phone holders are the most popular type of phone holder. They are commonly used in the cars of private individuals. It is easy to install this holder as it only needs to be placed on the air vent. These variants are the most common, and therefore generally cheap.

The only drawback of the air vent phone holder is that it might not be able to hold your phone securely. This will depend on your vehicle’s air vent design as well.

Suction Cup Phone Holder

Suction cup holders are more suitable for the dashboard and the vehicle's windshield. This type of holder is easy to install. All you need is time and patience to install this type of car phone holder.

VentGrip Car Mount

The VentGrip car mount is an ideal car phone holder for those who spend most of their time driving. It is easy to install and provides a firm grip for your phone. The VentGrip car mount also has an adjustable arm that allows you to adjust the positioning of the phone holder.

Pivot Car Window Mount

Pivot car window mounts can be installed in any vehicle. This is the only type of car phone holder designed to protect the phone screen and body. Window mounts are made of rubber and plastic.

Thankfully, this type of car phone holder is easy to install. All you need are a few harmless tools, and you can quickly install this type of car phone holder in your vehicle.

Widescreen Car Mount

The widescreen car mount is the perfect car phone holder for those who spend most of their time driving. It has an extra-wide design that accommodates big phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note. This car mount is effortless to install thanks to its adjustable design that allows you to tilt the phone holder.

The widescreen car mount also has a pivoting head that allows you to adjust the position of the phone holder.


It is no surprise that car phone holders are becoming more and more popular with the rise of consumerism. With technological advances, car phone holders will continue to evolve and become even more popular.

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