Earphones can be quite expensive, especially when you factor in the ever-rising price of music and movies. Therefore, you need to be sure you’re buying earphones that are well-suited for your needs. This post will help you pick the best earphones based on their specifications. 

1) Types of Earphones

Earphones are a vital accessory for people who love listening to music. They may be connected to your music player directly or through an amplifier.

There are two fundamental types of earphones, namely in-ear and over-ear. Both types are available in wired and wireless variants. Unlike over-ear headphones, in-ear earphones are designed to fit inside the ear and do not cover it. Over-ear headphones, on the other hand, sit over the entire ear.

2) Connectivity Types

There are two fundamental types of earphones, namely wired and wireless. Just like wired and wireless headphones, wired and wireless earphones need to be connected to a source of music before they can be used.

Wireless earphones have an added advantage over their wired counterparts since they can be used with multiple sources of music. This means that you don’t have to switch earphones when you want to listen to your music on your smartphone and your PC.

3) Acoustic System

Before you buy earphones, you should consider the type of acoustic system that is ideal for you. There are three types of acoustic systems, namely open, closed and semi-open. The best type of acoustic system for you is the one that gives you excellent sound quality and is the most comfortable for you.

Earphones have speakers, and these are responsible for producing sound. Different speaker designs have different effects on the quality of sound that is produced. A good earphone should be able to produce a balanced sound that doesn’t distort, even when the volume is turned up.

4) Impedance

Impedance is measured in ohms and is a measure of the volume of sound that is produced. The impedance of an earphone should be appropriate for its acoustic system. Impedance also determines the amount of current that is required to power the earphones.

The most common impedance for earphones is 16 ohms, and this is suitable for most earphones. However, this isn’t the only thing that should guide your choice. A good rule of thumb to follow is to select earphones with the same impedance as your amplifier or audio source.

5) Near-Field Communication

Some earphones come with Near-Field Communication (NFC) and this is designed to pair the earphones with other compatible devices. NFC is not something that you need to have when buying earphones, but it is an added feature that you can consider.

Just bear in mind that NFC technology is still relatively new, and it is only available in some smartphones. If you have a compatible device, NFC can be used to pair NFC-enabled earphones with it.


Earphones are a great option for people who need to listen to music when on the go. With the above buying guide, you should have a better idea of what an earphone should look like and offer. Just remember, the sound quality of your earphones will determine just how good your experience is.

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