Many earphone and headphone owners have bad habits of taking care of their devices. They do not realise that some things that they are so used to doing are actually destroying their gadgets. If you want to know what bad habits are contributing to the destruction of your headphones and earphones, keep reading below.

1. Not Cleaning Them

Both headphones and earphones will gather dust and dirt on them. However, earphones are often dirtier because we insert them into our ears. Because of this, not only is there dust and dirt but there can also be ear wax in your earphones.

It is important to clean your headphones and earphones regularly. The dirt could get inside of them and muffle them when used. If you feel like your earphones or headphones are getting a little low in volume, it is time you clean them. You can usually clean them with alcohol and a cotton pad, but you just got to make sure they dry correctly. If you are worried, you can also consult with the seller or do your research to see what else you can use to clean them.

2. Tangled Wires

The common enemy—tangled wires. It’s quite common to get tangled wires, especially with earphones. Not everyone has switched to true wireless devices yet, so it is still a common issue. Sometimes we just let the tangled wires be because these wires surely are made to withstand small tangles.

While it is true that there is some room for flexibility when it comes to the cables, this does not mean you should just let it be. Whenever you see your wires tangled up, fix it immediately. The best way to prevent it from continuously happening is to get a cable organiser.

3. Playing It on a Very Loud Volume

Not only is it bad for your ears to play your music at a very loud volume, but it is also unsafe for your earphones or headphones. There may be times when you notice that if you play your music too loud, the sound becomes distorted. This is because you are playing your music at a capacity that your device cannot handle.

Doing this will mess up the insides of your earphones or headphones. You may end up with loose screws or even worse. Make sure to keep the volume moderate and avoid playing it too loud.

4. Not Using a Case

We sure just love shoving our earphones and headphones into our bags and pockets. This is basically asking for your gadget to break. In your bag or pockets, your gadget has a higher chance of bumping into random things or getting tangled up and breaking. Even if you have wireless earphones, you risk the chance of losing them without a case.

5. Trusting Your Pets

In any other situation, we would all probably die for our pets. But leaving them with your earphones or headphones is one of those situations where we do not trust them. No matter how well trained your pet is, do not leave your earphones or headphones around them because there is always a chance of them biting and chewing the wires up.


The best way to avoid destroying your earphones and headphones is to know what the bad habits are that you might want to avoid. Remember that you can be careful, but anything is possible. Just try to prevent attributing to the breakage of your earphones and headphones further.

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