watch band

By just replacing bands, you may drastically modify the feel of the watch, much like matching the right wine with the appropriate entrée. Explore the various watch bands available because watch bands do more than secure a watch to your wrist.

Consider the following three aesthetic qualities:

  • Size: The length is determined by the size of your wrist. The breadth is a personal preference. Thinner bands are more formal, while thicker bands are more athletic.
  • Band Materials: In this guide, we'll look at the following band materials: Metal, leather, nylon, and rubber are some of the materials used. Metal and leather can be dressed up or down, depending on the style. Nylon and rubber are commonly used in casual clothing.
  • Style: Watch bands are available in a variety of designs. Our guide is organised by the material first, then by the various styles in which each material is typically available.

Let's find the perfect watch bands for you and other stuff like a universal phone case and vegan leather wallet! 

Strap Guide for Metal Watches

Watch Bands Made of Stainless Steel

The granddaddy of watch metals, stainless steel is the most prevalent and sought after.

Stainless steel clocks were not viable for social occasions before the 1960s. Rolex, on the other hand, was known for producing tool watches. As the brand's star rose, tool watches and heavy, intricate stainless-steel bands became increasingly popular.

Complexity is something that watches experts adore. Automatics are highly regarded despite how unnecessarily complicated they are compared to equally respectable and frequently more accurate quartz.

Watch Bands Made of Titanium

Titanium is three times stronger than steel, lighter, and free of nickel, which some people are allergic to.

It's also far more pricey and less gleaming.

As a result of these characteristics, band metal is only utilised in aeronautical and astronautical tests.

Weightiness is usually seen as a sign of an excellent men's timepiece. However, we believe in buying what you want, and if you want a lighter, stronger band and are ready to spend a little more money, titanium is a perfect choice.

Watch Bands for Precious Metals

Precious metals create a bold fashion statement and elevate timepieces to the level of men's jewelry. They're certainly lovely, so go for it if you're not looking for a good investment!

Styles of Metal Watch Band Bracelets

It's impossible to discuss metal styles without mentioning Rolex. No other brand pays as much care to their bracelets as Rolex does. They employ unique stainless steel called Oyster Steel, which is particularly strong and rust-resistant.

Leather Watch Strap Styles

Rally Strap

Automobile racing, scuba diving, and flying have all influenced watch design in the past. The Rally is the best representation of this.

Strap for Bundling

In the 1940s, the German army began using Bund straps to provide a barrier between the watch case and the wearer's wrist if the watch became too hot or the wearer became sweaty.

NATO and Zulu Straps in Leather

We can thank the military for another strap style! After the Cold War, NATO straps were in high demand in military surplus stores across the United States and Europe.

Because a NATO is threaded between the spring bars, wearers can switch watch cases on and off much faster than standard two-piece watch straps. They dress in a military-style uniform, which gives them a cool aspect that even James Bond couldn't resist.

Pilot Strap 

Pilot straps are recognisable by their rivets created for big aviation timepieces.

Leather Strap with Embossed Design

Another distinguishing element of leather straps is embossing, which can be natural or manufactured.


Changing the strap is a perfect solution if you're wary of how your luxury watch looks. Whether your watch came with a stainless-steel band, a two-tone band, or a leather band, swapping it out for a new one can completely transform your watch. If you're debating whether or not to spend a lot of money on a new watch, changing the bracelet may persuade you otherwise. It will make you feel like you have a brand-new watch without the hefty price tag. Whether you're looking for bands or phone cases in Australia, you have to check out Mobilebeat! 

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