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While Apple products are always of high quality, they do have a reputation for slowing down after some time. This often forces people to get the newest model of iPhone. But iPads are a different story. While people are keener to upgrade their iPhones, iPads are often seen as more of a longer-term investment. So, iPad users would want to take better care of their iPads if they're not planning on replacing them any time soon.

1. Buy a Sturdy and Durable Case for Your iPad

The iPad is designed to be very light, which is a pro for portability's sake. However, it is also a con if you're not careful. If you're carrying your iPad around, it might get bumped into other things, and if it isn't well protected, it will likely not be in the same condition as before when you get to where you're going.

Therefore, a sturdy and durable case is an absolute must for better protecting your iPad. The iPad is an investment, so getting a quality case is worth it. There are many cases made of genuine leather or high-quality synthetic leather, so you can go with whatever type of case you want. You might want to consider getting a tablet stand too to place your iPad on while you're using it with the case on it. A tablet stand will allow you to position your iPad at an optimal angle without damaging it or placing undue strain on it.

2. Clean Your iPad Regularly

A lot of people don't realize that fingerprints and other smudges can degrade the touchscreen's sensitivity, so they tend to just not clean it. Having a clean screen will also make it much easier to type on and view the screen during outdoor use. So, your iPad deserves a regular cleaning.

With the help of a dry, soft cloth, you can clean your iPad's screen regularly. Don't use paper towels or tissues, as they will scratch the screen and reduce its quality. Also, it's a good idea to keep anti-glare and anti-fingerprint screen protectors on hand so you can protect the screen from smudges and scratches.

Debris can also get into the charging port and affect the functionality of the iPad. So, you should clean the charging port periodically, preferably with a toothpick or a cleaning brush.

3. Put Your iPad on a Sleep Schedule

Have you ever noticed how when you leave your device on, it tends to drain faster? This is because your device is constantly using electricity and generating heat. So, it is best to put your iPad on a sleep schedule.

How do you do it? First of all, adjust your iPad's settings to automatically go to sleep after about 20 minutes of inactivity. After that, you can adjust the sleep settings within your designated apps. For example, you can set the app-specific sleep settings on the iPad's email app, so you can go to sleep and check on your emails later.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your iPad is a lot like taking care of any other piece of valuable equipment. You shouldn't just leave it on or expose it to extreme temperatures. Instead, you should get a sturdy and durable case for it and diligently clean it every once in a while. And, it's a good idea to put it on a sleep schedule to save on battery life and prevent heat build-up. These tips will give your iPad years of quality use.

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