iPhone Charging

There are a lot of questions and speculations that surround the best way to charge an iPhone. And we’re here to sort them out. By the end of this post, you will be able to charge your mobile phone in the most efficient way possible. 

Understand MFI (Made for iPhone)

MFi stands for Made for iPhone, Made for iPad and Made for iPod. Any product that has been MFi certified has been verified by Apple for authenticity and quality. 

However, these products are not made or manufactured by Apple but by third-party manufacturers and vendors. These products undergo a series of tests to ensure they meet high-quality standards. It is always recommended to buy and use products that are MFi certified.

Avoid Using Non-Apple Lightning Cables

We know that Apple lightning cables are more on the expensive side. But they are made to work seamlessly with the phone. There’s no way a third-party lightning cable can be as efficient as an Apple cable. Therefore, it's advisable not to use any other charging cable apart from an Apple lighting cable.

Know How to Identify Authentic Apple Charger

An authentic Apple charger is the safest and most convenient way to charge your iPhone. Coming back to the point of how to identify an authentic Apple charger, here are some things you should know:

  • The cable charger must be stamped with “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.
  • The plug must be glossy and smooth
  • The cable should be rigid and well-built
  • The cable should not have any visible cuts or nicks
  • The Lightning connector should look identical to that of your iPhone
  • The charger should have the weight and feel of an authentic charger

If you’re not sure how to identify a genuine Apple charger, you can always choose to buy one from Apple. If you want to buy one from a third party, make sure you buy it from a reliable seller with a good return policy.

Don’t Leave Your Phone Charging Overtime

The best way to charge your iPhone is to set it for a specific time when your phone reaches the optimum battery life. Charging your phone for a long time can be extremely harmful to the phone. It can decrease battery life, increase heat and cause damage to the internal components.

Always Use the Wall Outlet if You Can

The best way to charge your phone is to use the wall outlet. It is the fastest and most efficient way to charge a phone. A wall outlet has a constant energy flow and also prevents any damage from overcharging.

Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging

It’s a bad idea to use your phone while it is charging. While charging, your phone is converting the electricity into alternate forms of energy that can be used to power up your phone. However, doing multiple tasks at once will increase the electricity your phone needs and may cause your phone to overheat.

The Bottomline

Nowadays, most people don’t have the time to sit around to charge their phones. But, if you follow the guidelines given in this post, you can charge your phone efficiently in the quickest possible time.

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