While using today’s smartphones make our lives easier, it must be known that they do not sustain their brand-new quality forever. In fact, they are also (easily) prone to damage. For example, you may find that one day, out of nowhere, your phone is not charging properly.

Now, we are here to discuss some summon problems and solutions to your slow-charging phone. Read on to learn more. 

The Charging Cable Failure

One of the most prevalent causes of phone charging delays is a simple cure. Your cable could be faulty. Your USB cable has most likely been thrown, stuffed, bent, twisted, and crushed. The wires then will eventually wear out, and your phone will charge more slowly.

Although all cables appear to be the same, they differ in terms of endurance, quality, and transmission speed. You need a strong cable.

Your iPhone may not work if your Lightning cable is not MFi-certified. Non-MFi wires charge many iPhones slowly. If the cord is causing charging issues, it should be replaced with a new MFi-approved cable.

The Insufficient Energy Source

If the problem isn't with the cord, look into the power source. Limited or incompatible power output will cause your phone to charge slowly.

Thus, if you don't have a wall charger, you should get one. If your device supports fast charging, you can buy a quicker charger. 

If your power supply is insufficient or your adapter is unsuitable, simply buy a wall charger or a fast charger.

The Unused Background Applications

Some applications drain energy even when they are not in use. This means that while your phone is charging, apps drain power, slowing it down. The settings on your phone disclose which programs use the most power. Delete the program or change its settings to prevent it from operating in the background, and charging should begin to speed up.

To save battery life, turn off or uninstall background programs that you rarely use. This way, you save your battery while also saving your phone's memory.

The Charging Port Issue

We won’t be surprised if your phone is with you at all times. Although the more you use it, the more lint, dust, and debris can build up in the charging port, preventing the cable from fully attaching and resulting in a delayed (or nonexistent) charge.

The majority of clogs may be removed using a bobby pin, paper clip, or toothpick. Clean the port carefully with the instrument. Do so gently with a bobby pin, paper clip, or toothpick.

The “Old” Phone Problem

If none of the solutions listed below work, the phone may be broken due to its age. Through time and wear and tear, phones naturally may develop problems, such as slow charging, slow processing, and no software changes.

Consider updating your phone if it is more than three years old. This costly upgrade will almost certainly address all of your phone's problems, including poor charging. You can also replace the battery instead of buying a new phone.

With that said, an outdated phone or old batteries should be replaced.


Hopefully, one of these options fixed your phone's charging problem. Before considering more expensive options, it is recommended that improved connections and power adapters be tested. If replacing the charging cord, getting a new adaptor, deleting apps, and cleaning the port does not work, make sure you contact the phone's manufacturer for professional assistance.

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