power bank

Even power banks can have battery problems, and that could be difficult when you need a backup source to charge your phone. No matter how much you take care of your power bank, though, eventually, its battery life will wear down.

However, this does not mean there is no way for you to prolong the life of your power bank. In this article, we compiled a list of tips on how to improve your power bank's battery life.

1. Do Not Overcharge

Overcharging a power bank will wear down its battery faster than normal. This is because batteries are designed to work efficiently in a particular temperature range. So, if your power bank's battery reaches its maximum capacity, the temperature will continue to increase. This will eventually overheat the battery, wear it down and even cause it to explode.

While you can prevent this by not charging your power bank for too long and by using a power bank with smart charging, it is a better idea to monitor your power bank and try not to charge it to full capacity to give it some time to cool down.

2. Do Not Use It Continuously

It is important to give your power bank a break. Try not to use it immediately after you have recharged it because this would result to the battery not getting a break and being overused. The battery could easily heat up because of this and break the power bank and even your phone.

You need to give your power bank a break every now and then. If you have the option to charge directly from a power outlet, it is best that you do this instead. Not only is it better for your power bank, but it is also the best option for your phone.

3. Use a High-Quality Cable

Sometimes, we like to scrimp on our devices and mobile accessories because we would want to save a few extra dollars. While it is true that these items are working fine, they may actually be breaking our devices from the inside.

While it is not necessarily true for all cheap cables to be faulty or made of not trusted materials, but it is most likely that they are. It is always best to go with a cable from the same manufacturer of your power bank or a different but reputable and trusted manufacturer, too.

4. Check the Temperature of Your Power Bank

Sometimes, our devices may overheat due to certain conditions. These conditions could vary from hot weather or something internal that is faulty. Even if you regularly use your power bank and trust that it will not heat up, it is always best to check and monitor the temperature whenever you use it. This way, you can be sure that the power bank is not overworking itself.

5. Do Not Drop Your Power Bank

This one should go without saying but many people still need the reminder. Dropping your power bank is never safe. While it may be inevitable to drop it once or twice, you need to be more careful about where you place it or when you hold it.

You also need to make sure that you prevent bumping your power bank into things. Whether it's on a wall or on another item in your bag, make sure your power bank is well-protected.


Keeping your power bank in the best condition is essential to prolonging its battery life. Although there are other factors that will affect the life of your power bank, these are the most common ones that we can control.

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