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At businesses or schools, iPads and other mobile devices contain everything from PowerPoint presentations to research papers. Even though these devices offer countless benefits in both office and academic settings, schools and businesses need to invest in protective phone cases that fit well and do not interfere with their use. 

Thus, these institutions must never forget that this technology is sensitive to damage from drops or spills. iPad cases won't protect a tablet that's dropped on its corner. A waterproof case might prevent the damage caused by liquids, even if it isn't damaged on impact. Here are some traits you must look for when buying iPad or phone cases.

Complete Protective Coverage

Perhaps the most crucial aspect to consider in a case is its protective surface area. Some only safeguard portions of the device, such as the screen or the backside. Other cases are designed to encapsulate the device and offer full-coverage protection. The former is what you should get.

Choosing iPad or phone cases that protect the device’s screen, body, and internal hardware in harder-use settings such as classrooms or offices will ensure it lasts longer.

Drop Resistance

With the high rate of accidents in schools, you don't want to leave mobile devices unprotected. Good iPad and phone cases can reduce the impact of drops and bumps, keeping breakage to a minimum.

Choosing a case with protective TPU or EVA foam helps reduce breakage by absorbing the impact of any drops or bumps, reducing the chance of breakage and keeping the device in good condition.

Scratch Resistance

Due to its high-touch nature, the iPad's screen suffers from wear and tear. Scratches on the screen make it more vulnerable to dirt or water getting inside and damaging the internal components.

A screen protector is a thin, transparent film or sheet of plastic placed over the display to prevent scratches that otherwise damage the screen. It also keeps dirt from getting onto the surface of the display. This will extend the life of your device, ensure that you can see what you're doing on the screen, and protect it from damage.

Water and Dirt Protection

You’ll also need to watch out for moisture and dirt, too! Both can cause irreparable damage to iPads; one overturned cup can render a device completely useless. iPad or phone cases with hydrophobic coating can repel water and dirt since water and dirt can cause irreparable damage.

User Experience

While cases are primarily about protecting a device, proper functionality and ease of use are also important. For example, some iPad and phone cases have X-straps that allow users to hold the device confidently, even on the go. Some even have a jogging sleeve so they can be worn during workouts.


Sometimes, pricier iPad and phone cases are the best choices. They’re made from durable materials and last years before needing replacement. These kinds of protection not only maximise your investment in the device but also in the casings themselves. The best example of this is ceramic screen protectors.

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