iPhone 14 Pro

Raptic Slim Certified Carbon Neutral Case

ID : 1015066

Size: iPhone 14 Pro
Colour: Black
Sale price$39.90


Compatible with: iPhone 14 Pro

The X-Doria clear case was designed to protect your iPhone 14 and give it a posh and elegant appearance. This case is composed of high-quality materials and has a well-tailored design to provide your phone with the best protection possible. It has bumper protection, a lifted ring casing, and drop protection to guard against scratches and damage. The case slims 3 levels of texturing depth add style while keeping a sleek profile. It is a 100% recyclable case, and available both in clear and opaque versions.

  • 2 metre Military-Grade Drop Protection
  • Three levels of texturing depth
  • Available in Clear and Opaque Black
  • Made with biodegradable EcoElement
  • Certified carbon neutral
  • 100% recyclable  
  • 100% Biodegradable packaging with zero plastics

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