Despite the rumours about how Apple has been releasing models with less revolutionary ideas in recent years, they still do not cease to surprise every Apple fan with the new products and models they come up with.

Now that the hype for the upcoming iPad Pro 2022 has heightened, you need to know what the rumours are saying about it.

Some reports claim that the new iPad Pro model will be using the current hardware, which is good as it is still a powerful and productive product. But besides that, here is everything we heard so far about the upcoming iPad Pro 2022

1. It Will Have an M2 Chip

The 2021 version of the Apple iPad Pro used the M1 chip, similar to the latest Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. The new iPad Pro 2022 is said to have the M2 chip for faster processing and connectivity.

This M2 chip will perform better in terms of graphics, artificial intelligence, and even powering its speakers. In other words, the upcoming iPad Pro will have a better-optimized chip to power its work.

2. Will Still Have Mini LED Display

Last year, Apple introduced the mini-LED screen technology to its recent products. The company will continue to use this technology with the upcoming iPad Pro 2022. 

This technology is basically an upgrade to the current OLED display with a better ability to produce and consume less power than other types of displays. Not only is it more power-efficient and durable, but it also has a faster response and higher brightness.

3. Landscape Orientation

Apple has been working on a new Landscape Orientation feature that better handles horizontal viewing of iPad apps. This new feature will let the iPad display the iPad Apps more naturally and practically. That will not only benefit current iPad users but could also be a killer feature that will attract more users using tablets other than the iPad.

4. MagSafe Charging

The new iPad Pro 2022 is expected to have MagSafe charging technology that was first introduced in the line of the Macbook Pro. This magnetic technology will ensure that the charger will not pull off the iPad Pro if the user trips or bumps into the charging cable. This useful feature will save the users from experiencing costly damage when the cable pulls the charger off.

5. MagSafe Wireless Charging

The MagSafe charging technology was first introduced in the first generation the Macbook Pro. Now, Apple is bringing it to its other devices. The new iPad Pro 2022 is also expected to feature MagSafe wireless charging. It will be easy and convenient to charge the new iPad Pro 2022 without the need to plug in a cable.

6. Reverse Wireless Charging

What if you can use your iPad Pro to charge your iPhone, AirPods, and other Apple accessories? One of the exciting possible features of the new iPad Pro 2022 is the reverse wireless charging feature. It will allow the users to use their iPad Pro to charge their iPhone and other Apple devices.


There are already a lot of people who are excited about this new iPad Pro. However, it’s too early to tell how much better it will be compared to the previous version.

The new iPad Pro 2022 is expected to be released in the fall, so it's just a little bit more waiting before we can see this new iPad Pro in the market. As for now, we can speculate and hope that Apple will deliver a groundbreaking product that can satisfy Apple fans.

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