iPad case

We take pains to match our accessories with our outfits. Before stepping out of our house, we make sure that our shoes and jewelry fit our clothes. Would this not be the case for our iPad Pro case?

Like our outfits, our iPad case should match our device. Can you still use your current iPad Pro case for your new one or should you upgrade? If you are thinking about this question, continue reading this article.

Will My Current Case Work?

Yes, it is possible to use your iPad Pro 11 case for the new generation of iPad Pro. However, it may not look as sleek and even feel less secure than the new generation of iPad Pro cases. The reason is that the new iPad Pro case is designed to fit the new generation of iPad Pro. It is also to feel more secure when using the iPad Pro.

The best way to describe the difference between the two is to think of it as putting in a new battery for your phone. The old battery may be able to last you a day. But, you will notice the difference when you put in a new battery. The difference is not only the life span. It is also how it feels when the battery is in your phone. 

In that case, what should you be looking for in a new iPad Pro case?

Features and Options

A good iPad Pro case should not hamper the device’s functionality. Instead, it should enhance it. For example, an iPad Pro case with a built-in stand allows you to use it hands-free. This feature would be best for watching videos and reading books.

A good iPad Pro case will also protect your iPad. It should be able to handle drops, scratches, and bumps. The case should also have a good grip and be lightweight to ensure that it doesn’t add to the weight of your iPad.

Currently, you have a lot of options for iPad Pro cases. However, not all of them are worth a second look. Your choice should depend on what you want to use your iPad for and what features you want in your case.

What about Protection for the Apple Pencil?

Some iPad Pro cases are compatible with the Apple Pencil. There are even cases that are specifically designed to protect the Apple Pencil. They have a spot that allows you to secure the pencil tightly inside.

It is also important to realize that not all iPad Pro cases are designed to be compatible with the Apple Pencil. Some cases may not have a secure clip or a tight enough fit for the pencil. You may even notice that some cases for the pencil do not even have a clip.


The iPad Pro is a very sophisticated device. It deserves a case that is well designed for it. However, there are not that many cases that are well designed for the Pro. It is why you need to be very careful when you make your purchase. 

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